Month: December 2016

How does the vaporizers work?

The mechanism

The mechanism consists of four fundamental pieces: the cartridge or inhaler, which contains inside a capsule impregnated with the dose of nicotine and the essence of the flavor that we have chosen. The atomizer, an electronic circuit and a battery that at its end includes a red LED.

When we perform an inhalation, a sensor activates the electronic circuit that lights the led and connects the atomizer. Then a small membrane that is in contact with the nicotine capsule is heated to the proper temperature and produces the vapor we inhale and then exhale.

How do you recharge?

When the nicotine capsule and / or flavor is depleted, the atomizer stops producing the steam and we have to proceed to put a new cartridge.

Changing the vaporizers cartridge is as simple as removing the one that has been consumed (no need to unscrew the battery atomizer) and insert a new one into the atomizer until it stops. It is important to remove the depleted cartridges with extreme care because otherwise we can break the mesh of the atomizer.

When the red LED on the battery end flashes, we must recharge the battery. To do this, unscrew the atomizer and screw it into one of the chargers (USB, network or car), letting it charge for a couple of hours.