Month: April 2017

What is an weed vaporizer?

What is an vaporizer?

SMOKING: It is a practice where a substance, commonly tobacco, is burned and smoke is primarily tested or inhaled as recreational drug use because combustion releases active substances from “drugs” such as nicotine, which is absorbed by the body through the lungs. The act of smoking can also be part of different rituals, induce some trance or achieve “spiritual enlightenment”. The most common smoking method today is through cigarettes, mainly those manufactured industrially although some hand rolled ones are also available. Other forms of smoking, although they are not so common is through pipes, hookas and bongs.

This is the first paragraph of the definition of “smoking” that appears in Wikipedia. If we consult our official dictionary, yes that, the one of the Real Academia EspaƱola, the etymological origin that indicates to us on the term “to smoke” is of the Latin “smoke” (smoke, to throw smoke).
The term “vaporizer”, as expected, is not yet admitted by the Spanish Royal Academy and, what is a bit surprising, is not defined in Wikipedia. However, establishing a simple etymological association, if smoking is “smoke, smoke”; vaporizer should be “vaporizer, vapor”.

This is precisely the main and most important feature of the personal vaporizer, “vaporizing”.
The activity of smoking or consuming tobacco habitually and, more specifically, cigarettes, has two very powerful addictive components: the chemical, provided by nicotine and other additives, and the psychological, reflected in our need to maintain the habits of the compulsive smoker something between the hands continually, inhaling some substance that passes through our throat and our lungs and, above all, to smoke.

Using the personal vaporizer, instead of smoking, we will vaporizer, two activities that we can consider practically similar, since the personal vaporizer or vapor, allows smokers to keep all our habits. With respect to the chemical addictive component, nicotine, it is already a personal decision of the quit smokers to use cartridges with or without nicotine in his personal vaporizer.

In short, for the habitual smoker, vaporizer is a similar activity and substitute for smoking, and for the passive smoker, it is a totally different activity, innocuous and that does not affect the least to your health.