Month: May 2017

No one wants kids to start vaping or to vape weed

In many parts of the world it is illegal to sell vapors or products related to minors. Legislation is about to grow this trend for everyone. It is an action that seems reasonable but also rapid by such a new industry, but it is more than anything because this is common sense. The community of vaporizers users has not challenged these laws more than anything because we do not want to sell minors.

We take into account that 90% of customers who are going to vaporize and buy products to produce steam are former smokers, which means that the tobacco industry has created lots of consumers and that will continue until the bad habit of smoke. We know that on this page we are talking about an adult product and in this line we want to follow.

Still it is also worrisome to see how vaporize has been tested by adolescents, and that the figure doubled from 2011 to 2012 according to this site. While this is true, statistics of vapouring with children will skip some relevant information. For example that the industry of vaulting has doubled (even more), also during the years of that study. Which means that the production of these junk boxes also grew exponentially, and not only the use of small ones, which is more accessible. During the same period, the use of smokeless tobacco, a product that is not new, is considered as directly opposed to being “cool”, and is therefore never accused of advertising with children, which also increased in one 30%.

Finally, and although there is no data to support this, perhaps because it contradicts what the media say, the fact is that I have talked to parents who want to buy a device for their teenagers to help them quit smoking. We can not help to give information, but this information is absent in the statistics of which we have just spoken.

Regulation of the industry of the vaporizers

I have never made a bottle of liquid, or have seen any, that does not contain a phrase like “caution: it may contain nicotine. Keep out of reach of children or animals. For use by adults over 18 years old. ” The good? That no one tells the industry to do these things, at least for now. Even without a governing body, it seems that the vaporizers industry has common sense and standards that give hope, and at least a couple of organizations expect politicians to come together and put a little bit seriously on these issues, to do so legally.

Why? It seems to me that some people, mainly legislators and other lawmakers, still forget that the tobacco and tobacco industries operate on opposite principles. The latter wants to hook as many people as they can with nicotine, if they can while they are still young, using everything that can be even with the law. Instead the vapors want users to completely disengage from the nicotine while offering vaporize. A fun alternative, tastier and healthier than not smoking.

We want what we analyze and compare on this page to be seen as something safe and effective, because we believe it. And any action that damages the image you are seeing. It would be hard for someone to find a manufacturer that produces liquid that does not label their bottles with recommendations or warnings, things that add ends when you are thinking of selling.

Everyone agrees that regulation is needed in some way. But when big organizations think of shadowing the fact that they just go away because the big smoke industry wants to have a monopoly and make more money at the expense of health, then there is a problem.