Month: July 2017

What is the portable vaporizers?

The portable vaporizers is a technological invention that we can consider as the “substitute” of traditional tobacco.
This technological invention, through an electronic vaporization system, totally simulates smoking and can be said to be 100% harmless to the people around us, and after several studies has not been shown to be harmful to who uses it. Either way if we use the portable vaporizers as a substitute for tobacco there is no doubt that our health will thank us.

It does not generate smoke, but steam, since there is no combustion and therefore it can be used anywhere.

The portable vaporizers has 4 fundamental characteristics:

The cartridges contain different concentrations of nicotine. This feature gives us many ways to use the portable vaporizers. We can use it to replace, in whole or in part, the traditional tobacco we consume, using cartridges with a certain concentration of nicotine. We can also use it to completely quit smoking, if we are progressively lowering the nicotine concentration of the cartridges.

The cartridges can be of different flavors. This feature is critical, since the taste of nicotine alone is not pleasant. This is one of the reasons why traditional tobacco contains such an amount of additives (4,000) and also the poor success of nicotine gum. In addition, the portable vaporizers goes further, using flavored cartridges but without nicotine, we can use it as if consuming candies, but with the habits of the smoker.

When inhaling, we give off steam. This characteristic is what marks the differences. Tobacco addiction is based on two fundamental pillars: nicotine and the habits contracted by the smoker. Nicotine is easily replaceable, with patches, gum, or any other product, but habits are our particular torture when it comes to quitting. Smokers need to have something in their hands, we need to inhale “something”, that inhalation stimulates our throat and, above all, we need to “smoke.” With the portable vaporizers, all our habits are guaranteed.

There is no combustion process involved. This characteristic is also very important, since in the process of traditional tobacco combustion is where all the risk of contracting some type of cancer resides. The carbon monoxide produced by traditional tobacco is the most harmful element involved in the smoking process. In the portable vaporizers does not intervene any combustion process, so it does not generate carbon monoxide and is not harmful either to the user or to those around him.

In short, the portable vaporizers has countless advantages:

It is not forbidden to use anywhere.
It is not harmful to the wearer or to those around him.
It does not give off “smoke”, it gives off steam.
It does not produce any cancer.
It does not smell.
Do not create distractions when driving.
We will not get home with the typical shirt burn, etc …