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What is the portable vaporizers?

The portable vaporizers is a technological invention that we can consider as the “substitute” of traditional tobacco.
This technological invention, through an electronic vaporization system, totally simulates smoking and can be said to be 100% harmless to the people around us, and after several studies has not been shown to be harmful to who uses it. Either way if we use the portable vaporizers as a substitute for tobacco there is no doubt that our health will thank us.

It does not generate smoke, but steam, since there is no combustion and therefore it can be used anywhere.

The portable vaporizers has 4 fundamental characteristics:

The cartridges contain different concentrations of nicotine. This feature gives us many ways to use the portable vaporizers. We can use it to replace, in whole or in part, the traditional tobacco we consume, using cartridges with a certain concentration of nicotine. We can also use it to completely quit smoking, if we are progressively lowering the nicotine concentration of the cartridges.

The cartridges can be of different flavors. This feature is critical, since the taste of nicotine alone is not pleasant. This is one of the reasons why traditional tobacco contains such an amount of additives (4,000) and also the poor success of nicotine gum. In addition, the portable vaporizers goes further, using flavored cartridges but without nicotine, we can use it as if consuming candies, but with the habits of the smoker.

When inhaling, we give off steam. This characteristic is what marks the differences. Tobacco addiction is based on two fundamental pillars: nicotine and the habits contracted by the smoker. Nicotine is easily replaceable, with patches, gum, or any other product, but habits are our particular torture when it comes to quitting. Smokers need to have something in their hands, we need to inhale “something”, that inhalation stimulates our throat and, above all, we need to “smoke.” With the portable vaporizers, all our habits are guaranteed.

There is no combustion process involved. This characteristic is also very important, since in the process of traditional tobacco combustion is where all the risk of contracting some type of cancer resides. The carbon monoxide produced by traditional tobacco is the most harmful element involved in the smoking process. In the portable vaporizers does not intervene any combustion process, so it does not generate carbon monoxide and is not harmful either to the user or to those around him.

In short, the portable vaporizers has countless advantages:

It is not forbidden to use anywhere.
It is not harmful to the wearer or to those around him.
It does not give off “smoke”, it gives off steam.
It does not produce any cancer.
It does not smell.
Do not create distractions when driving.
We will not get home with the typical shirt burn, etc …

No one wants kids to start vaping or to vape weed

In many parts of the world it is illegal to sell vapors or products related to minors. Legislation is about to grow this trend for everyone. It is an action that seems reasonable but also rapid by such a new industry, but it is more than anything because this is common sense. The community of vaporizers users has not challenged these laws more than anything because we do not want to sell minors.

We take into account that 90% of customers who are going to vaporize and buy products to produce steam are former smokers, which means that the tobacco industry has created lots of consumers and that will continue until the bad habit of smoke. We know that on this page we are talking about an adult product and in this line we want to follow.

Still it is also worrisome to see how vaporize has been tested by adolescents, and that the figure doubled from 2011 to 2012 according to this site. While this is true, statistics of vapouring with children will skip some relevant information. For example that the industry of vaulting has doubled (even more), also during the years of that study. Which means that the production of these junk boxes also grew exponentially, and not only the use of small ones, which is more accessible. During the same period, the use of smokeless tobacco, a product that is not new, is considered as directly opposed to being “cool”, and is therefore never accused of advertising with children, which also increased in one 30%.

Finally, and although there is no data to support this, perhaps because it contradicts what the media say, the fact is that I have talked to parents who want to buy a device for their teenagers to help them quit smoking. We can not help to give information, but this information is absent in the statistics of which we have just spoken.

Regulation of the industry of the vaporizers

I have never made a bottle of liquid, or have seen any, that does not contain a phrase like “caution: it may contain nicotine. Keep out of reach of children or animals. For use by adults over 18 years old. ” The good? That no one tells the industry to do these things, at least for now. Even without a governing body, it seems that the vaporizers industry has common sense and standards that give hope, and at least a couple of organizations expect politicians to come together and put a little bit seriously on these issues, to do so legally.

Why? It seems to me that some people, mainly legislators and other lawmakers, still forget that the tobacco and tobacco industries operate on opposite principles. The latter wants to hook as many people as they can with nicotine, if they can while they are still young, using everything that can be even with the law. Instead the vapors want users to completely disengage from the nicotine while offering vaporize. A fun alternative, tastier and healthier than not smoking.

We want what we analyze and compare on this page to be seen as something safe and effective, because we believe it. And any action that damages the image you are seeing. It would be hard for someone to find a manufacturer that produces liquid that does not label their bottles with recommendations or warnings, things that add ends when you are thinking of selling.

Everyone agrees that regulation is needed in some way. But when big organizations think of shadowing the fact that they just go away because the big smoke industry wants to have a monopoly and make more money at the expense of health, then there is a problem.

What is an weed vaporizer?

What is an vaporizer?

SMOKING: It is a practice where a substance, commonly tobacco, is burned and smoke is primarily tested or inhaled as recreational drug use because combustion releases active substances from “drugs” such as nicotine, which is absorbed by the body through the lungs. The act of smoking can also be part of different rituals, induce some trance or achieve “spiritual enlightenment”. The most common smoking method today is through cigarettes, mainly those manufactured industrially although some hand rolled ones are also available. Other forms of smoking, although they are not so common is through pipes, hookas and bongs.

This is the first paragraph of the definition of “smoking” that appears in Wikipedia. If we consult our official dictionary, yes that, the one of the Real Academia EspaƱola, the etymological origin that indicates to us on the term “to smoke” is of the Latin “smoke” (smoke, to throw smoke).
The term “vaporizer”, as expected, is not yet admitted by the Spanish Royal Academy and, what is a bit surprising, is not defined in Wikipedia. However, establishing a simple etymological association, if smoking is “smoke, smoke”; vaporizer should be “vaporizer, vapor”.

This is precisely the main and most important feature of the personal vaporizer, “vaporizing”.
The activity of smoking or consuming tobacco habitually and, more specifically, cigarettes, has two very powerful addictive components: the chemical, provided by nicotine and other additives, and the psychological, reflected in our need to maintain the habits of the compulsive smoker something between the hands continually, inhaling some substance that passes through our throat and our lungs and, above all, to smoke.

Using the personal vaporizer, instead of smoking, we will vaporizer, two activities that we can consider practically similar, since the personal vaporizer or vapor, allows smokers to keep all our habits. With respect to the chemical addictive component, nicotine, it is already a personal decision of the quit smokers to use cartridges with or without nicotine in his personal vaporizer.

In short, for the habitual smoker, vaporizer is a similar activity and substitute for smoking, and for the passive smoker, it is a totally different activity, innocuous and that does not affect the least to your health.


How does the vaporizers work?

The mechanism

The mechanism consists of four fundamental pieces: the cartridge or inhaler, which contains inside a capsule impregnated with the dose of nicotine and the essence of the flavor that we have chosen. The atomizer, an electronic circuit and a battery that at its end includes a red LED.

When we perform an inhalation, a sensor activates the electronic circuit that lights the led and connects the atomizer. Then a small membrane that is in contact with the nicotine capsule is heated to the proper temperature and produces the vapor we inhale and then exhale.

How do you recharge?

When the nicotine capsule and / or flavor is depleted, the atomizer stops producing the steam and we have to proceed to put a new cartridge.

Changing the vaporizers cartridge is as simple as removing the one that has been consumed (no need to unscrew the battery atomizer) and insert a new one into the atomizer until it stops. It is important to remove the depleted cartridges with extreme care because otherwise we can break the mesh of the atomizer.

When the red LED on the battery end flashes, we must recharge the battery. To do this, unscrew the atomizer and screw it into one of the chargers (USB, network or car), letting it charge for a couple of hours.

Propylen Glycol for personal electronic portable vaporizer

Much is being said about the “healthiness” of the portable vaporizer. Although, given their youth, no relevant statistical data yet exist, most of the consulted entities have issued a favorable opinion. In short, the most frequent conclusions that we can find, basically come to say that while it can not yet be shown that it is effective to quit smoking, what is fully proven is that it is not harmful to health.

Of course, as it could not be otherwise, the portable vaporizer already has its modest community of detractors. These, to try to defend the indefensible, the insalubrity of the portable vaporizer, rely on the presence of Propylen Glycol in the cartridges, which has become the trigger of controversy.

Propylen Glycol is an organic, tasteless, odorless, odorless, oily texture obtained by the hydration of propylene oxide.

In the cartridges of our portable vaporizer, the presence of this organic compound has a double functionality: On the one hand, given its low freezing point, it acts as an antifreeze, keeping the humidity of the cartridge sponge that must be in contact with the atomizer; and on the other hand, it is the compound that makes possible the production of the vapor with the density sufficient to resemble the smoke of the traditional cigarette.

This compound, when passed to our body, is metabolized to lactic acid, just as normally occurs in exercised muscles, and is a normal part of the glucose metabolism process, easily converted into energy.

Its toxicity is very low, it requires the intake of large amounts in a short period of time so that it can eventually cause harm to human health. The few cases of known serious toxicity are related to inappropriate intravenous use or accidental ingestion of large quantities by children.

Obviously, as it can not be otherwise, any abuse of any existing compound in nature, even the purest water we can find, can be harmful to our health (if we drink more than 7.5 liters of water in a short space of time, we will be in a critical situation).

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has determined that Propylen Glycol is “generally considered safe” (GRAS) for use in food, cosmetics and medicines.

This compound has many applications. Some of them:

In medicines, such as diazepam.
As a moisturizer in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food.
As solvent for coloring and flavor enhancer in food (labeled as E1520).
Like antifreeze in food.
In the machines of artificial smoke that are used in the spectacles.
In many cosmetic products, even for babies, such as bath foam and shampoos.
In moisturizing creams, cosmetics, toothpaste and mouth rinses.
As an ingredient in massage oils.
As support in fragrance oils.
As a cooling agent for beer.
In short, Propylen Glycol, in the right doses, is completely safe. If the portable vaporizer had to be withdrawn from the market due to the presence of this compound, for the same reason thousands of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and food products would have to be removed.